About the Year-Long Program

Year-Long ProgramGlobalization and International Relations is a social science course that introduces students to the forces, events, individuals, and issues that define the increasing interaction and interdependence of the people and nations of our 21st century world. The curriculum's presentations, interactive workshops, readings, writing prompts, team and individual student projects are based on the disciplines of geography, political science, economics, anthropology, sociology, and international studies.

This course was created through a unique collaboration between the UCI School of Social Sciences' faculty and graduate students, and the educators and administrators at Saddleback Valley Unified School District's Laguna Hills High School and Newport Mesa Unified School District's Newport Harbor High School. Teacher and student editions of the GlobalScope Curriculum Guides were developed at UCI to assist in the introduction and implementation of the course.

The course addresses Thematic Strand IX: Global Connections of the National Curriculum Standards for Social Studies and incorporates key standards defined in the California State Standards and Framework.

The course will teach students to relate and recognize the direct impact that forces of globalization have on the economic, political, social, and cultural development of nations and regions of the world. Students will also be introduced to core concepts of international relations and expected to apply these theoretical concepts to a range of specific contemporary case studies or simulations.


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